Monday, August 24, 2009

Technology - You Can't Live With It . . .

. . . and you can't live without it. We've had an amazingly ridiculous experience with our tech stuff for the past two weeks. We have a bundled package - cable, internet, and land line phone. It has worked well for a couple of years now. For some reason the t.v. never went out, but we have become very well acquainted with all levels of Comcast guys as the company sent out one techie after another to see if they could figure out what was going on.

It started when I couldn't get my internet to connect. Then I discovered that the phone wasn't working. I sat on my cell phone, with limited minutes, trying to resolve the problem. Little did we know how long this would go on. As it evolved, guys came out and checked out the lines all up and down our neighborhood - finding all sorts of problems which didn't solve ours, but probably prevented some for others.

We got a new modem, thinking that was the issue. We had to use the reset button every time the connection failed. It would work for awhile. Eventually we had to reset both the modem and the router, and it would work for awhile. Then we tried removing one of the wires from the router and plug it in again. Each time the internet would reconnect, the phone would go out.

We had guys here morning, afternoon, evening, Saturday - all frustrated with the inability to figure it out. Finally DC bought a new router and a battery back-up of some sort to prevent surges and ebb and flow of electrical power. We discovered that when we turn on our attic fan, the lights dimmed. So altogether, there were lots of things that went together to create these weird problems.

These tech guys, I have to say, bent over backwards for us. One even gave us his cell phone number so that we could reach him after hours. The final one tried to get my laptop working right, way beyond the call of duty. They helped us with things that weren't their equipment. They didn't charge us. I have to say that, even though it's been very frustrating, we have been treated well. We'll supposedly get a free month's coverage because of our patience. (In the midst of all this, we had another strange thing happening - about 8 times, we got a call from the somebody at the hospital, thinking they were calling a number with just a bit of a different number. Do you know how scary it is to get a call at midnight with the Caller ID saying it's from the hospital?? We never did figure it out, but it stopped, thank goodness).

So, once again, I have to give credit where credit is due. Twice in two months - go figure!!

Friday morning the girls called me just as I got to the gym - on my bike. They wanted me to come over and walk to school with them again. Being the kind of grandma who always tries to make things happen that are do-able, I hopped back on my bike and power pedaled home to hop in the car and rush down to their house, just in time to get to school before the bell rang. I had to catch a shot of them in the other outfits I got them for school - I don't know how much longer they'll be willing to dress alike, so I have to milk it for all it's worth! In fact, Care Bear said, when they got dressed, "Now the teachers will all say how cute we are again."

Saturday I looked over the fence to the yard behind us and saw this gigantic blow-up water slide device. The young mom greeted me over the fence and said they were having a Back to School party for their first grade son, inviting all of his classmates. She asked me to bring the girls over to play and have hot dogs for lunch. So I went down and got them and brought them back here, giving Kristen a bit of a break. It was a super hot day - one of the hottest of the summer - and they had a wonderful time. Care Bear jumped right into the action - it took Feisty a long time to get her courage up to go down a slide, but she finally did and they spent the whole afternoon over there.

Changing the subject drastically -- I found this cartoon the other day and it really gave me a good chuckle. I have had the same hair dresser for years - I have followed her to 12 or 13 different shops. She gives a great perm and we have fun conversations, catching up every few months. But - she never ever cuts the top short enough. I have to go back for a touch-up every time. I think Cathy has the same problem~~~~

(I think you'll have to double click on it to enlarge it, but I hope you can read it!)

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Needled Mom said...

The hair cartoon is all too familiar to all of us, I'm sure. Sigh!

That mechanical problem must be an absolute nightmare! I hate computer problems to begin with and thiat would really frustrate me. Did you hear on the news last week about the family whose broiler went on everytime the phone rang? Imagine that and no one could figure out why.

The girls looks so cute in their matching outfits. They must have been in heaven with that great slide AND the heat!!!!

I hope things are working better for you, Dawn. Hugs.

Mimi said...

the mechanical problem is too familiar...I know your pain....I had your pain when we connected the computer with the phone fast connect...
but when we went all went very well...I hope yours holds well now that they have gotten everything working together....

the cartoon about the hair right on girl!!!!!!!!!!(mine always looks good the day after the haircut...)

only a grandmother would ride her bike all the way home... drive her car to the kids house... and walk them to school.....Are we crazy or what????????????

Hootin' Anni said...

"....risk losing the one good day". HA! That's logic. Ya, right!!

Yep, I'd much rather take high humidity any ol' time compared to years and years of stormy winters. I had my fill of that. LOL You get acclimated to it.

Now about those girls of yours...aren't they adorable? I love it.

And your cable troubles. What an effort those guys made to help you all out. But did the new batteries and stuff work then? Or are you still having problems. If everything dims when the fan goes may be something in the house wiring?!!

Those flamingo capers in your town was happening in Tucson also. It was a hoot.

And if you can view more while you were gone from your online troubles, try viewing the video slide show I did yesterday on all the FLOWERS at the Gardens.


Have a great day Dawn. And all the scorching heat the iris still look pretty good!! [the soil is settling around 'em that's a good sign too!!]

Hootin' Anni said...

Dang....I wrote a novel!!! See what happens when you are absent?

grammy said...

They do look cute in their outfits. That water slide is great. Wonder if she rented it or owns it. Computer problems are enough to drive you crazy (o:
I have an appointment to get my hair cut tonight...we will see (o:

Robin said...

I just caught up on your posts - I've been living in a whirlwind lately!
Sounds like you have too though. I talked with Michelle this morning and she told me she loved getting to know your sister. She also spent some time with Daniels family in the ER. She was very impressed with them too. Isn't it amazing how we continue to be connected?

Maine Mom said...

I love the hummingbird pictures!

Care Bear and Feisty look so cute in their school outfits. One more week and my girls will be in school.

The water slide looks super fun! My kids would love that!

I hope you are done with your phone/internet/tv problems. Not fun!

A Hint of Home said...

Hi Dawn,
I've had the same problem in the past with cable. Are you saying a new router solved the problem?
Looks like the girls had fun. What a slide!
I cracked up when I read your comment about "summer time". They didn't have a clue.
The girls are sooo cute in their outfits. I hope they have a good school year.

Nadine said...

You are such a great grandma. The girls look great in their matching outfits.

What a fun looking slide. You have very nice neighbors.

The comic strip gave me a chuckle too. Thanks for the laugh.

nancygrayce said...

I love that hair cartoon! I can so relate!

The girls look so cute, I really like those outfits.

As for technology! I am the first to scream about that! Especially right now when i can't figure out how I love most of my sidebar! I guess I need to see if there is a blogging for dummies book out there!

Mary said...


I'm sure the girls enjoyed the back to school party at the neighbours. That slide looks like a lot of fun.

The photo of the girls on their first day of school is adorable. Treasured memories for them when they grown.

Technical things drive me crazy. We were brought up before all of this stuff was even invented. I do hope it is all working perfect by now.

Take care, my friend. Be sure to drop by when you can.


Sammy said...

I love Cathy! That one is hilarious!

Your tech problems sound so aggravating! Ugh! It's great they're giving you a free month though. Here's hoping your troubles are over!

The girls look adorable in their matching outfits! And how sweet that you biked back home so you could take them to school. When I grow up I want to be just like you! :-) LOL!!

Jess said...

Stopping in to say hello. Its been a bit since i said hello.

Hope all is well and the kiddos are so cute!

Lots of love and have a great weekend

I started following your blog so I will be able to keep up better.

Love, Jess

A Hint of Home said...

Thanks for trying to find an answer for Sarah's hands. It is puzzling as well as hard to see her go through it.
Have a good weekend!

Amy said...

The girls look so cute in the matching outfits!

The electrical issue must have been a nightmare. Glad you were able to get it fixed.

Linda said...

Oh you have my total sympathy Dawn. I love all these wonderful techy things, but I absolutely hate it when things aren't working right. I also hate having to learn anything new. Obviously I'm not the adventurous type.
The girls look so cute!
A good hairdresser is a treasure. I've had the same one for more years than I can count - and I dread the day she decides she's had enough!
Have a blessed sunday.

nannykim said...

Ha, I know about tec problems. We had off and on service for a year or so---changed the modem worked on the router and plugs--resetting , replugging and all of the things you were doing. But it ended up being a faulty wire coming into the house! Then we needed a new router....then they had to upgrade the seems there are multiple problems that keep changing !! HA--it is a continuing SAGA---but now for a while, things have stabilized....should I go knock on some wood?

Sharon Lynne said...

Wow--those were some nice tech guys that came out. I hope everything is working smoothly now.

The girl's look so cute in their outfits. You are some grandma! Changing your schedule when the girls called. And spending the whole afternoon with them next door at the water slide. You are building a wonderful relationship with them all, and maybe that will help out in those teen years!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Sounds like you have a had fun filled days! I am so glad your tech problems have been resolved. I rely on mine heavily and it's such a hard thing to live without. we've had so many problems with ours too.

The girls looked great for school, I love the outfits.

Hope all is well with you and the family!