Friday, August 31, 2007


Where in the world has the last five years gone in such a hurry? How could you possibly be in school already?? I am so happy that you have such a great attitude toward life (most of the time!) and that you are sure that they are going to have 3, 4, or maybe 5 recesses today in honor of your birthday. Yay! We get to go to Chucky Cheese's again tonight!! All 3 of you kids love that place. At least the pizza is a bit better than it used to be.

I am going to re-post what I wrote last year for your 4th birthday, because it still applies.

grandma and hayley

The day you become a grandmother for the first time is indescribable. It wasn't supposed to be for 3 more weeks. What excitement! The room was full of people awaiting the arrival. When Kristen was born, nobody was allowed in the room except Daddy. Only our pastor could visit after she was born. My sister and her husband came running to the hospital when we let them know we were there, but they had to stay in a different room and talk to me on the phone as I was in labor. What a change!

We all left the room as Care Bear actually arrived - we thought it was a moment to be shared with the Mommy and Daddy, without so many spectators. But we were there moments later. What a thrill to see this new tiny little life.

The picture was taken on my birthday. I was in another world as she snuggled on my shoulder. Life took on a whole new dimension when she was born. All of the memories of new motherhood came back so clearly. All of the joys and struggles rushed back as if they were yesterday, not 27 years before.

The last four years have gone so quickly. Care Bear, as she is called in blogland, has brought so much joy to our lives. She is incredibly bright (I would go so far as to say gifted). She "gets" so much of life at such a young age. She has an amazing vocabulary and uses the words in the correct context. I am consistently amazed at what she knows and understands. My greatest wish and prayer is that she will become the person God wants her to be. I know God has a plan for her life, and I want to watch that plan unfold. Happy Birthday, sweet Care Bear!


Kristen said...

I just hope she's not thoroughly disappointed when they don't follow through and grant her four or five recesses. At least she has cupcakes to share with her classmates.

Diane J. said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to sweet Care Bear! Hope it's a great and memorable one for her. :-)

Y'all have a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend, Dawn. ;-)

Love and hugs,


Delia said...

Happy Birthday Care Bear!

nancygrayce said...

Happy Birthday to Care Bear! I know exactly what you mean aabout what happens when you become a grandmother. When my sweet granddaughter was placed in my arms, my heart completely melted in my chest and I honestly had never felt that kind of love. It is just different!

nancygrayce said...

Oh, and she shares her birthday with my oldest child and my husband! Of course my child is 37. But I remember the year he was 5!

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday to Care Bear!
(What a sweet photo of the two of you!)

When my baby turned 5 in April, it was so hard to believe, too!

Sharon Lynne said...

I read with interest the feelings of being a grandmother. It's amazing how strong grandparents can feel toward their grandchildren. And all that love is so essential for them.

The more family members that care and love them--the better.

I'm so glad Care Bear is surrounded by such love. May she walk the path God has layed out for her with courage and joy.

I loved the school photos!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

So precious! Oh my but they grow up so quick!

PEA said...

Happy Birthday to Care Bear!! She is such a sweet little girl and I can just imagine the joy she brings all of you:-) I soooo can't wait to be a grandma....hopefully one day!!! xox

Nikkie said...

So sweet :) Happy Birthday Care Bear!

PEA said...

Me again...I just read the comment you left me. ROFL it's no wonder you wondered about me when you first started reading my blog when I posted the picture of my new "dishwasher"! LOL I felt so daring posting that picture! lol And yes, this time last year I had made my mom a surprise 75th birthday party:-) xoxo

Kathleen Marie said...

Dawn, this is just so sweet and just so very true. Being a grandma is a true gift from God! Wow. When Lexy turned one is July I think I was in shock! Ha!

Oh, you can sign up for the neighborhood tour anytime... It helps people plan who all they can visit in one day (9/17) although I am sure some will leave their up for a few days. I sure plan to anyway.


Diane said...

Happy Birthday to Care Bear! Oh the joy of a grand daughter!!!! And what a blessing to have you as her grandmother!

I hope it was a great day....recesses aside! Katie, who will be 27 this year, is still stunned to have to work on her birthday! The joys of being a child!


Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Care Bear... and what a great post from a very special grandmother! I can't wait to be a grandmother, especially after this post.