Saturday, August 04, 2007

Random Ramblings #16

It's been awhile since I've rambled on and on, so get ready for a long ride. I have a lot to get off my chest of a random nature. There are many things rattling around in this brain of mine, none of which is sufficient for an entire post. So lwe's pretend we're sitting under a shade tree in my back yard, having a soft drink, and enjoying each other's company. Feel free to interrupt at any point with a story of your own!

My hibiscus finally bloomed today - they are glorious!



Last Sunday morning I woke up really early and decided to go for a nice, cool morning bike ride. It was a lovely sunny morning, until suddenly a fog rolled in and shrouded the world. It was a strange sensation for a late July morning. I didn't have my camera with me, but I backtracked with it to get a few shots of the sun trying to peek through.




Remember the story about Barb's son-in-law-to-be getting admitted to the MSW (master of social work) program where I work? I actually process all of those application packets and was excited when I realizedthe connection with Aaron, whose file I was reading. He is now officially Barb's son-in-law, and he and Mandy have moved over to this side of the mountain, are settled in to student housing. Mandy is busy preparing for her new teaching position, and Aaron dropped by to say hello and sign the paper work for his new job in our office, where he'll be working while he is in school. I just "happened" to have my camera with me and asked him if it would be all right to post his picture. He graciously said it would be okay.


I need to acknowledge a lovely award I was given by Midlife Mom. I apologize that it has taken me so long to thank her for the Thoughtful Blogger Award.


I appreciate this award so very much, and have enjoyed getting to know Midlife Mom and all about her "Home on the Range." We have very different lives, but we have those wonderful grandkids in common. I would love to visit her in Maine sometime.

Remember little Micah?


We've been praying for him for several months. If you have kept up with his progress, you know that he has been through more in his little 3 year old life than most of us will in our lifetimes. I got this e-mail from his family and thought you'd like to know:

To all who have probably wondered if we dropped off the earth!!

The past few months have passed with a blur and we apologize for not sending a note to you all sooner. Through the month of June, Micah underwent all the tests that were necessary to detect Neuroblastoma and they ALL came back evidence of disease. The doctors moved Micah out of the transplant department...(We'll miss you, Dr. Frangoul!). But we will happily start seeing Dr. Collier again as his regular oncologist, who will keep tabs on Micah with regular clinic visits and scans. Although Micah has been declared as having "no evidence of disease", he still has a 60% chance of relapsing within this first year. There are times where we look at him laughing, yelling, having fun and wonder how long it will last...if there will be a time where we start this all over again. Those are the times where our faith is really put to the test. Here at the end, people kept saying, "Now you can have your life back." Yes, we have life. Micah has life! But, there is a new reality to everything and a sense that things will never be the same. We will learn to live with the presence of cancer always being a possibility.

Micah is doing SO well! It has amazed us how he has bounced back to "normal." He looks so healthy and beautiful to us. He is starting to talk ALOT. He is ornery and persistent and is back to driving his siblings absolutely crazy. In these moments that should create normal parental frustration, we sometimes have to stop and hide a smile at Micah's personality that has been hidden under this horrible disease these past months. Thank God he has determination and gusto, just like his dad! This past week, we got to travel for the first time and went to Grandma and Grandpa's farm. Hannah, Ethan and Micah loved fishing with Aunt Connie, Veggie Tales, kitties, Grandma's pancakes, swinging, swimming, bubble baths, etc. It was a wonderful break from reality and so wonderful to be back in a place that holds so much comfort and peace.

Although we are living life more as it should be right now, please do not stop praying for Micah. Neuroblastoma is horrible and we do not want it coming back! Pray that God will continue to work miracles in Micah's life. We believe that it is a miracle that he is here today and everyday is sweeter having him here. Pray that God will use Micah's life for His purpose and our lives as well. Also, please pray for our family as we make transitions back into life outside the hospital and most likely outside of the military. If you know the Crimmins', you know we always seem to have not one, but several major life events happening all at once! This is another time that we are facing some spinning plates. God though has seen us through this past year and He will give us the strength for the future. HE IS FAITHFUL We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers, letters, emails, phone calls, and support. We will never be able to adequately express how each of you helped us through this experience. ! May God bless each one of you for your kindness to us. God be with you all…..

Thank you,
Nathanael, Jacque, Hannah, Ethan, and especially Micah

Thank you for praying for Micah...
Go to for regular updates.

Here is the most recent picture of Micah and his parents. Praise God for His good work in this family's life. Keep praying for them, though!


Feisty is 3. She's been talking for a long time, and quite well at that. I was gone for a week recently, as you know if you read me regularly. When I got back, she had grown up unbelievably in that short time. Her vocabulary had doubled in a week, and her conversational skills had soared. How does that happen? One of my favorite conversations went something like this:

I was wearing shorts for the first time all summer (I usually wear pants a bit longer, because of this very issue). Feisty says, "Grandma, you have big knees."

"Thanks, Feisty, for pointing that out."

"Grandma, you have fat arms."

"Thanks, Feisty, for noticing that!"

"Grandma, you would look silly without your glasses!"

Feisty has become a bit too observant!

She has also become more independent. She fixed her own ham and cheese sandwich from beginning to end, and proudly ate the whole thing - on wheat bread, no less.


She is also quite a fashionista.



Well, there's a lot more, but I think that's enough for now. We just got back from "Praise in the Parking Lot" at our church. Kristen and Mike and their band sang about 19 songs as we sang along with the ones we knew. Kristen had two solos. Kristen and Kevin's best ever babysitter was there tonight, at a family reunion. She was the kind of sitter who loved the kids so much that she'd come and get them to take them to the Dairy Queen or to the park - just because she liked being with them. She told me once that I was her inspiration to become a mother. I had to tell her that she went way beyond my inspiration - she has 8 children, all home schooled, all wonderful people. The youngest is 9, the oldest newly married. I have great admiration for her. It was fun to have her there as Kristen sang and her children were running around the parking lot.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Barb said...

Such good news about little Micha. What an adorable know, his mom is absolutely beautiful, isn't she?

You have to know how much I just wanted to jump into the screen and hug my new son, Aaron. I know for sure you now understand why I love him so much. He's such a great guy.

Seeing him there, in your office, just made me miss him and Mandy more than ever.

I know that "Mama Dawn" will take good care of my kids. But I miss them, so, so much.

And can I just say? Feisty has got great taste in shoes! So cute.

Diane J. said...

I like rambling posts. As you know, I ramble on quite often myself. ;-)

What great pictures of your hibiscus! It's gorgeous, Dawn. I used to have a red one but it just faded away and didn't come back out one Spring. That pink shaded to white is beautiful.

How neat that you'll be working with Aaron. He'll have to watch his P's and Q's or you'll be ratting him out to Barb, LOL! ;D

Feisty's got it going on with her fur-trimmed kickers, and they're even coordinated with her bloomers! :-)

How's she doing with her UTI? Looks to be much better.

Hope y'all have a wonderful and blessed Sunday, Dawn.

Love and hugs,


Susie said...

Your rambling posts are one of my favs! I imagined having my ice tea sitting out in your garden and having a good chat! Love your hibiscus. Mine only last about 2 days before they fall off! Fiesty is going to be quite the fashion maven..
Had to giggle at her observations of Grammy! They never censor their thoughts do they!!

PEA said...

Please pour me another cup of tea, I'm quite enjoying our chat:-) Your hibiscus is just gorgeous, love how delicate it is!!

Those fog pictures are awesome...we had one foggy morning in July and it was really weird to have it that time of year!!

How wonderful that you got to finally meet Aaron...when you asked him if you could take his picture I wonder if he thought...."great, I just got away from a MIL who's always taking pictures for her here's another one"!! LOL

Such great news about Micah, I do hope he continues to do well! I can just imagine how much he and his family are enjoying being able to go out and do things together!!!

Feisty is certainly the future fashion model...she even knows how to place her leg in that second picture to show off the shoes!! hehe Love it!!

Take care my friend! xoxo

Tammy said...

This was fun to read! Those pictures of the fog look like autumn...and after our heat wave, we have a chill in the air today, and it's only early August!

I got that same e-mail with photo, and it was such wonderful news!
Praise the Lord!

And Feisty's conversation is so reminds me of "Grandma, what big eyes you have...what big knees you have..." LOL Yep, she hasn't learned the social graces quite yet...but good for her for making that sandwich! Not sure if my girls could have done that at 3!

Love her modeling, too! :)

Sherry said...

yeah for Micah!!! That is such great news. I think of them often and can't imagine what a year they have been through.

Linda said...

Hey Dawn,
It was fun chatting. Thanks for sharing that miraculous news about Micah. They look so happy in that picture. God is so good.
What a cutie that Feisty is! She's much like my two youngest granddaughters - it's all about the shoes - and the clothes!!
It was good to hear that Kristen and Mike were singing. Tell her HI. I miss her posts.
Have a good week Dawn.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Praise the Lord on the news about Micah! What a lovely little family! Love you little fashion star there! She is so cute!

amy said...

I love your randomness and I love that you are a prayer warrior. this is an awesome blog!

Kristen said...

The pictures are magazine worthy. Really.

Feisty really is the little fashionista. Last night she wore one of her new Grandma Linda outfits to dinner (a cheerleader dress complete with a visor) and those goofy shoes. She quite quite a few "aww how cute" giggles and smiles. Care Bear had a matching dress and visor in pink. They were quite the pair last night.

Cheese, mayonnaise and "steak" (her word for turkey or ham) sandwiches are now her favorite.

Maine Mom said...

Beautiful always!
Thanks for the update on Micah. I'm so glad there is good news for their family. Their faith has been a great example to us all!

Kathleen Marie said...

My you have been busy and I love the little fashion show and the prayers for Micah that did not turn void...Praise God.

I am trying to catch up but it is impossible but my life is finally slowing down a bit so you will be seeing more of me.

God Bless Your Week!