Saturday, August 25, 2007

Random Ramblings #17

It seems that randomness happens more often lately. Must be evidence of the way my brain is working lately - randomly! As I awoke at 5:17 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep (remember how upset I was to have to get up at 5:30 last Saturday ) I began to think of all the things I wanted to write about, so I guess I'd better do it before I forget them. I already have forgotten some.

First and foremost, thank you so much for your prayer and care during the last difficult week. It means so much to Kristen and to me! You are the best friends a girl could have.

A nip of fall is in the air. It is very cool in the morning and evening. There are geese flying noisily overhead, in that wonderful V-formation. It is always a bit of a disappointment when it then goes up into the 90s during the day. We typically have a fairly long Indian Summer (or I suppose I should say Native American Summer, to be PC)! The sun is rising much later and setting much sooner. It is low in the sky as I head for work now.


Another hibiscus bloomed this week. I had actually forgotten it was in the same bed as the white ones with pink edges.


Care Bear starts kindergarten next Tuesday. I sure Kristen will write about our adventure at the annual Ice Cream Social, where the kids find out who their teacher will be, and have a chance to visit their room and see where they'll be sitting. Ironically, it is the same room Kristen was in when she went to kindergarten (she looks a little tired from the tough week it has been). The next year they sent our neighborhood kids to a different school, because we had overcrowded this one. Now, this neighborhood has gone back to the original school - another irony. Since they live 3 doors down from the house she grew up in, their kids go to the same school and Care Bear will be in the same room. I couldn't resist taking a picture of her sitting at that little table. (I just discovered I don't have any of her in that room when she was 5 - shame on me!)


My niece is here from England - to shop for her wedding dress. Apparently it is more cost effective to fly over here and buy a dress than to buy one in London. Wow. But then she gets the bonus of seeing two aunts and uncles, a sister and brother and their spouses, a niece and nephew, 3 cousins and their spouses, 5 second cousins, and her grandparents. That's just on our side of the family, not going into her mom's family. It'll be a fast and furious, very busy few days. I sure hope she finds a dress she loves.

How does it happen that little bratty neighbor boys who have spent years skate-boarding and biking over ramps in the middle of the culdesac, suddenly are old enough to drive cars?? That is not a pleasant thought for us, judging from the carelessness of their bike-riding days. Cars?? Yikes!

Yesterday at work we said good-bye to a work study student who has been our best one ever. She's moving to Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. The same place we went for our 25th anniversary and are going for our 35th in December. I hope to connect with her for a few minutes while we're there.

Speaking of work and students - we're off to a busy start of another school year. Barb's son-in-law, Aaron, is off to a running start in his graduate program. His classes are right down the hall from my office, so I see him often. Sorry, Barb! He's doing great. He'll soon be working right across the hall from me. The next group has orientation Monday, so they'll be hitting the ground running as well. The undergrads started Monday, so Kevin is also very busy taking 18 credits, and majoring in social work (he's taking Arabic for the fun of it!) - so hopefully I'll see him once in awhile. So far I haven't because his SW classes are in the afternoon and I work in the morning.

The kiddoes and I have had some fun conversations this week. It was very hot early in the week (and then turned deliciously cool the last few days). The girls wanted to run through the sprinkler. I mentioned that we didn't have their suits, but they could take off their clothes and run in their underwear - but we'd have to go into the back yard, of course. Care Bear says, "It's inappropriate to be in the front yard in our underwear." Okay, I ask you, did you know the word "inappropriate" and how to use it appropriately in a sentence when you were not quite 5??

Then we drove by her house on the way to Baskin Robbins the other night while her parents were at praise band practice. She says, "Which vehicle did they use?"

They were having a great time making up a movie the other day, and had made quite a mess in the process. I reminded them that they needed to finish up and help clean the mess before it was time to go home. I asked Feisty, who hadn't really even made much of the mess, "Feisty, do you want to help me clean up this mess?" "Sure!" She is always so willing.

I said, "You're such a good helper, when your brother and sister just want to play."

Anakin says, in an aggrieved tone of voice, "GRANDMA!! - Well, it's the truth, but the truth hurts!"

Feisty is on a first name basis with one of our neighbors' cats, Tommy. Tommy is old and likes our yard much better than his own. He especially likes this spot on a hot day. Feisty is always watching for him there. So cute.


I read lots and lots of fun mystery books. Many authors. I have just discovered a new series by Alexander McCall Smith. This is the first in the series. It takes place in the small country of Botswana, Africa. These are easy, quick reads and enjoyable. I'm about to finish the third one.

My goodness, that is enough! I was going to share some Max Lucado again, but I think I have kept you captive long enough. If you even made it this far! Have a blessed week-end!

13 comments: said...

I loved the picture of the kitty cat!! and the kids at school! Have a blessed weekend. Grams

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That was a most enjoyable post! Love the pictures!

Linda said...

You could just ramble on and on as far as I'm concerned Dawn. I love these posts. It must be nice to have that little chill in the air. This is the only time I miss living up north. We won't expect any chill or weeks yet :-)
The conversations with the little ones are so sweet. She has an amazing vocabulary.
Have a blessed weekend Dawn. I'm continuing to pray for God to do great things for Kristen. I am so proud of her. It makes me get all teary just thinking about it. She's an amazing young woman.

Diane J. said...

As you know I tend to ramble myself on occasion, so this was a great mode of catching up in my opinion.

Poor Kristen doesn't look like she feels all that great, bless her heart. But what a great thing that her kids will go to the same school she did!

I noticed just last night that the sun is going down much earlier now. It was full dark at 8 pm last night. But, I am so ready for Fall and Winter to get here!

Hope y'all have a great weekend. :-)

Love and hugs,


Becky said...

Good to catch up with you Dawn. I clicked over to catch up on Kristen too. I had read her earlier posts but had not read since her doctor appt.

Hope you have a great week. We are still holding out for wonderful news for your family. Believe me, it happens. My brother had a similar experience and the doctors were not hopeful, but all was fine.

Thanks for stopping by.

Nancy said...

Lucky you with a chill in the air... we are still in the high 90's! I am glad you are enjoying your grandchildren too, they can be great "thearpy" for you. My prayers continue for you and your family

Sharon Lynne said...

Care Bear has quite a vocabulary! I used to write down some of the funny things my boys said. I kept a little notebook handy. They had a lot of fun reading over it when they were older.

Thinking of your daughter and how her child is in the same school she must be a wierd feeling...but a good one.

My sons attended the same K thru 8 school and the same high school that I attended. When I walk the halls at the high school its hard to imagine that so many years have passed. I'm so OLD now!

Baba/night owl said...

Hi Dawn, thanks for such a great post.The picture of the sunrise is beautiful!!!!Kristen and the girls look happy to be at school and following in mom's footsteps.Have a relaxing Sunday. Baba

Linds said...

Ramblings are good. My sort of stuff! I am so glad that Kristen is doing well.... and the photos are great! Little ones constantly amaze me with their vocabulary, and I so wish I had written down some of the wonderful things they come out with!
I am almost caught upo now, and will be back to normal soon, with posting etc. It is good to be home!

Kristen said...

Ugh. What a horrific picture of me.

I'm really enjoying the cooler weather, too. The beginning of school (whether it's me going or the kids) is always such an anticipatory feeling of fall. I love it. Can't wait until the leaves start changing colors. I can imagine the pictures you'll take then.

Care Bear will amaze her teacher. After meeting her at the ice cream social, I can see those two being "kindred spirits".

groovyoldlady said...

I always enjoy your rambles!

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

My gosh, wedding gowns much cost a fortune in England if it's actually cheaper to fly over here to buy one. Good grief! But what a great excuse to get to visit with everyone.

Knowing that you see Aaron all the time just makes me miss him and Mandy more. I'm jealous. :-)

We had a nice rainy day her yesterday. Rained all day long which is very rare in Grand Junction. What a blessing that was but the heat came back today. I'm very ready for fall and Indian summer if we're lucky enough to have one this year.

I love these kinds of posts, Dawn. You ramble really well. :-)

Ashley said...

hi grandma dawn! i just wrote kristen and said i'd been on blogger hiatus for awhile now and was checking in. you guys are all in my prayers w/ kristen and the babies. i know that you being the grandmother are still in a tough position. my mom tells me about grandmotherhood all the time :) she claims that some days it is harder than motherhood b/c you have your child and their child to think about. anyway, as i told kristen, God is still in the miracle working business. you guys hang in there and claim Him through all of this. He will never put anything on you that you can't handle as long as you trust in Him.

oh, and i originally was going to post to say how beautiful your pictures are!! i love good photography :)